Epidemiology and course

The prevalence of pyromania is unknown. Although there are numerous studies of fire-setting behaviour, few of these studies systematically assessed pyromania in their subjects. Those that have used variable definitions of pyromania and reported widely discrepant rates, ranging from none to 60 per cent. k,,20 For example, in their 1951 study of 1145 adult males with pathological fire-setting, Lewis and Yarnell (29 reported that 688 (60 per cent) could be classified as having broadly defined pyromania, but only 50 (4 per cent) as having the 'true' disorder.

Pyromania is probably more common in men than women and usually begins in adolescence or early adulthood.(20) How often childhood fire-setting represents pyromania is unknown. Clinical descriptions indicate that the course of pyromania may be episodic or chronic, but its course into old age is unknown.

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