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and the difference between the probabilities is 0.22. This means that for every 100 patients treated with a tricyclic antidepressant, compared with placebo, 22 more responded. Therefore, to achieve one more full remission over 12 weeks, 100/22, or about five patients, would need to be treated (NNT) with sertraline.

A 95 per cent confidence interval can also be constructed for the NNT using the following formula to calculate the 95 per cent confidence interval for the absolute risk difference:


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This value is then added to and subtracted from absolute risk difference to produce the confidence interval for the rate, i.e. 0.22 + 0.113 = 0.333 and 0.22 - 0.113 = 0.107. The confidence interval for the NNT can then be calculated by taking the reciprocal of each of these values (NNTs are always rounded up to the nearest integer):

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