Economic analysis of psychiatric services

Martin Knapp and Daniel Chisholm Introduction

Economic, analysesat, macro:iiand.iimicro-levels Macroanalyses



The, hierarchyofiievidence cosii.n,gii,sc.o.p.e, „andinBeispective

Identificatiionin and measurementi i ofiresource;,iMtiliZationiiand costs


Evalu.a.tionsifor lPol.icyllandl, practice Cost-effectivenessiPl antidepressants

Psychosocial itreatme.n.tsi.fSL schizophrenia

Assertive, iic.o.m.m.u.nityi, outreach

Conclusion Üsersandi, caregivers

Purchasers, iiandiiproyiders

Government, nanMdinspcniety Chapter, References

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