Disorders of sleeping eating and elimination in early childhood

Jo Douglas

Sleepingproblems Diagnosis and, „classification



Assessment, andtreatment

Eating, andfeeding.. problems Prevalence


Assessment, „andtreatment Elimination .problems

Prevalence Aetiology

Assessment, „andtreatment Chapter, References

Note Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa in adolescence are considered in Chapter 4.10.1 and Chapter 4.lQ.-2..

Disorders of eating, sleeping, and elimination are common among preschool-age children. They may occur as isolated behaviour problems of considerable severity, or as part of a wider severe behavioural disorder including conduct disorder or anxiety disorder. Children with moderate/severe mental retardation demonstrate a higher proportion of these behaviour problems compared with the general population.

The assessment and treatment of these disorders include behavioural management techniques to provide a structure for treatment and for defining the stages and goals of change. Enabling parents to change their behaviour in order to change their child's behaviour requires a synchronization of views between the therapist and parents about the aetiology and maintenance of the child's problem behaviour. Rapid and effective change is possible when parents apply the techniques consistently and accurately, but, in many families, the parents' own emotional difficulties, relationship problems, or history may interfere and the therapist may need to take a broader perspective to engage the parents and enable them to change.

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