Direct evidence

Pioneering work on the hypothalamus has been noted as providing direct evidence of neural modulation of immunity. (!2> Hypothalamic neurones fire in spatial and sequential ways after antigen administration, and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is activated by antigen and proinflammatory cytokines in a stress-like way. Immune organs, including thymus, spleen, and bone marrow, receive sympathetic innervation with synapse-like junctions between nerve endings and immunocytes. Immunity is regulated in a cerebrocortical laterally specific way, with the left cortex influencing T-cell maturation and function.

Funny Wiring Autism

Funny Wiring Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that manifests itself in early childhood and affects the functioning of the brain, primarily in the areas of social interaction and communication. Children with autism look like other children but do not play or behave like other children. They must struggle daily to cope and connect with the world around them.

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