Different cultures

The very many worldwide studies that exist show a remarkable consistency in their findings. For all families of whatever ethnic origin, economic status, or religious persuasion, there is grief at the birth of a child who is in any way defective, and anxiety and sadness about a child who later is seen to fail. In some cultures, an affected boy is harder to bear than an affected girl, as boys have special roles, for instance taking part in the funeral of the parents. Obviously, a high infant mortality will mean an even higher rate in children with any sort of disability. There are a few studies that have come from countries in an early state of development. The authors of these papers are anxious not to repeat what they understandably see as the mistakes of Europe and America. There are for example excellent community services in Asian countries based on the strengths and the beliefs of the local people, ^A0.) whereas others model their services on those in the West, and thus have similar problems but cannot reach a significant proportion of the population. Other countries in Europe are struggling to establish new services for children at the same time as they deal with the very many older people who have been poorly treated for many years. The changes are difficult for the families of these older ones, yet even after many years, families have co-operated with rehabilitation and, in some cases, taken the adult 'child' home.

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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