Diagnosis classification and differential diagnosis of the mood disorders

Gordon Parker

Introduction Definitions



Bipolar/unipolar, depression. . . specifics Bipolar, .categories

Depressive . disorders:. one,. . two.,. . . or . .three. principa l . types? Classification of affective .mood..disorders Formal classification

Clinical ..classlfic.atio.n—hased .on ..a.. .h,ie,rar,c,h,ic,aJ ..or. .tiered .model StepJi !s .a. depres.sive.diisorder .present?

step.2:.. ifadepressive.. disorder. is. .prese.nJLHh.at. .subtype?

Step.3:,.. !la..npn.-melan.chplic...de.prelssive.. .d.is.orderj.wñat.. c.ün.icai.suboroup?

Step 4: Distinguishing a melancholic subtype

Step.5; Distinguishing. psychotic .depression

□¡fferential.. diagnosis .and.as.c.e.fltainment. .difficulties Depression

Conclusion Chapter. References

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