Diagnosis classification and differential diagnosis of schizophrenia

Anthony S. David

The diagnosis of schizophrenia Diagnostic criteria Basis of classification

Athepretica!:.. Schneider's. .first.:ranK..sympto.ms


Early. diagnosis?

Differential. diagnosis Otherpsychiairic .disorders



The..presence ..of.. imo,o,d,:i,n,,c,o,,ng,r,ue,n,t.. delusions. ..(lOlr...lha.!!.U.C,i.n.ati.0.n.S) Thei..d1u,r,ati,o,n...a,n,d,.. a,c,ute,n,e,ss,..o,f. .onset ..criteria

Social, and ..occ.upati.o.n.aLd.ist.urha.n.ce

0rganic..cpndiiipns Symptoms


The... diagnostic... process Chapter.. References

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