Descriptive phenomenology

Andrew Sims, Christoph Mundt, Peter Berner, and Arnd Barocka

Principles., ofdescriptive. phenomenology Definitions. . and. . explanations

,Me.n.tal...phe.n.omena..i.n. .health.. and. .cultural ..variation understanding..the ..pati,ent!s..sym,pt,oms

Subjective ..experience... and. .its. categorization

Theoretical,. bases...of. .de,script!ve.„phenomenol,ogy

Disorders.. of..perception Defin.iiisns..of „perceptual ..disturbances

Sensory modalities

Aetiological.. theories..of. hallucination

Disorders... ofmood Disorders.. of..think|ng Types.. ofthinking


Oyeryalued. ..ideas

Phobic and anankastic disorders Disorderof the.. thinkingprocess Language.and speech... disorder Disorders..ot .intellectual.periormance Disorders.. of..self..and.. bodyimage

Disordersof. .self

Disordersof ..awareness...ol the...b,o,d,y Insight

Motor.. symptoms.. and. .signs Disorders.. ofmemory Disorders.. of...consciousness Disorders.. of..a.tte.n.tion...and.. .concentration Chapter.. .References

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