Delusional disorder erotomanic subtype76 and

In erotomania the individual has strong erotic feelings towards another person and has the persistent, unfounded belief that this other person is deeply in love with him or her. The belief is usually delusional, though a small number of non-delusional cases have been reported. Occasionally the imagined lover does not actually exist, but more often he or she is a real person who is unaware of the situation. The phenomenon is often referred to as de Clerambault's syndrome, but this usage is obsolete and can be misleading since it is used to describe erotomanic manifestations in a number of different mental illnesses.

De Clerambault(76> distinguished a 'pure' or 'primary' erotomania from other cases which were more symptomatic, and this pure form approximates to the modern description of delusional disorder with erotomanic content. In the older literature it was claimed that erotomanic delusions were largely confined to women, especially isolated and frustrated elderly spinsters, but more and more cases of male erotomania are being reported nowadays. (7 80) In both sexes the majority of cases described involve heterosexual emotions, but homosexual erotomania is now well documented in both males and females.

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