Culturally related syndromes

Wolfgang G. Jilek

The, concept .of 'culture-bound, syndromes', or, l'clU!,C, , .d,i.S.Orde.rS, Locallfolk.. idioms, pf..distres.s Susto.,. espantotMedo

Ataque. de. nervios Hwa-byung

Culturally stereotyped reactions to extreme environmental conditions. .('arctic..hysteria')

Syndromes.related to..a cultural ..emphasis.on..fertility .a.n.d..firocrea.tion .''. syndrome... koro, ..suo-vang).

'Semen ..losslsyndroms., shen-kluelLd&Mi., Mryan,.., sukra., prameha!ated., to.,a, .cultural, d.iss.o.ciaiion Latah-type, ..reactions


Syndromes related to a cultural emphasis. on.presenting. a.physical.appearance pleasing.. to .other;iai//n-k.VPfi reactions)!ated. to..accu!iuratiye. stress Brain ..fag


Diagnostic. pitfalls


Altered,, .s,tates..of ..consciousness—norma!., or..a,b,norma!?

Therapeutic., approaches, „to. ., cult.ura!ly. . .re!aied. , .syndromes Chapter, References

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