Course and outcome of schizophrenia and their prediction

Assen Jablensky Introduction

Msthpdo!ogica!<<isSMes Diagnosis

D£finitions,ani ,a,s,s,es,sme,nt,„oi ,c.o,Mrse,,,a,nd,,PM,t,cpm,e,, „variables


Othe.Laspects,, ofstudydesign

Statistica! analysis

The,,, .'natural,, history',, pfschlzophrenia., „before,, ,th.e,,n.e,Mro.!e.Ptic,,,era


Patterns,,,a.n.d,,,stages.,, p.f,,,the., ,,c.o.M.rse.„of, schizophrenia

Geographical,and„cMltMra!, variation

First-episode, „psychosis

Prognosis „of specific clinical,, symptoms,, and., syndromes Depression „

Prognosis, oLschizophreMa, „subtypes

Predictors of course and outcome

Limitations, ofciinipa.! prediction lMe.d.iM.m-ranqs. predictors sh,o,rt-ts,rm,,,pred,ictors SMmmary„and,, conclusions

Chapter References

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