A written or verbal 'no-suicide' contract is commonly negotiated at the start of treatment in the hope that it will improve treatment compliance and reduce the likelihood of further suicidal behaviour.(38) In its usual form, the child or adolescent promises not to engage in suicidal behaviour without first informing the parents, therapist, or other responsible adult when he or she has thoughts of suicide or plans to commit suicide. No empirical studies have evaluated the efficacy of a contract, and contracts should be seen as no more than adjuncts to the management of patients with low intent. Even if the patient agrees to such a contract, suicide risk may persist. It should also be appreciated that a 'no-suicide' contract may lessen a patient's communication of stress and dysphoria, decrease the potential for developing a therapeutic alliance, and impair risk management. As mentioned above, coercive communications should be avoided, because these may encourage deceit and defiance.

Break Free From Passive Aggression

Break Free From Passive Aggression

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