Contemporary neoKraepelinian nosology Dsmiii and DSMIV

The current nosology, codified in DSM-III in 1980, is neo-Kraepelinian. The empirical evidence for it is based on classical validity studies, deriving from the pioneering work of Robins and Guze,(25) who laid out a groundwork for establishing the validity of a psychiatric diagnosis based on the four criteria of clinical phenomenology, genetics, course, and treatment response. This group of thinkers, centred at the Washington University in St Louis in the 1970s, swam against the tide of psychoanalytic orthodoxy, empirically tested competing nosologies, and developed diagnostic criteria which became the basis for the first empirically based psychiatric nosology. While some studies have failed to find evidence in support of DSM-III's nosology, most of the empirical evidence continues to support the basic structure of the neo-Kraepelinian nosology.(2 27 and 28)

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