After health screening, most people cope relatively well. However, for a minority of individuals, health screening can have significant adverse effects and can even be a factor in the development of psychiatric problems. More research is needed into the factors predictive of individual differences in response to testing. This would be aided by an increased use of psychological models, from which hypotheses could be generate and tested. If it was possible to identify factors predictive of subsequent adverse reactions, this would allow the development of interventions which could be focused on the person's particular needs and would also allow resources to be targeted at those who are the most vulnerable to experiencing persistent distress.

Adult Dyslexia

Adult Dyslexia

This is a comprehensive guide covering the basics of dyslexia to a wide range of diagnostic procedures and tips to help you manage with your symptoms. These tips and tricks have been used on people with dyslexia of every varying degree and with great success. People just like yourself that suffer with adult dyslexia now feel more comfortable and relaxed in social and work situations.

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