Many patients with CFS meet the diagnostic criteria for a depressive disorder or for an anxiety disorder, although in practice the presentation is usually 'atypical'. It is likely that patients who do not meet the criteria for either could be regarded as suffering from either neurasthenia (ICD-10) or undifferentiated somatoform disorder (DSM-IV). Therefore all patients labelled as having CFS can be given a psychiatric diagnosis. However, in many cases such diagnoses are neither adequate descriptions of the clinical syndromes, nor particularly helpful for clinical management. Certainly few patients are likely to want their illness to be reformulated in this way.

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

Tips And Tricks For Relieving Anxiety... Fast Everyone feels anxious sometimes. Whether work is getting to us or we're simply having hard time managing all that we have to do, we can feel overwhelmed and worried that we might not be able to manage it all. When these feelings hit, we don't have to suffer. By taking some simple steps, you can begin to create a calmer attitude, one that not only helps you feel better, but one that allows you the chance to make better decisions about what you need to do next.

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