Cognitivebehavioural treatment

For the last 10 to 15 years, treatment for paraphiliacs has focused on two primary areas: cognitive-behavioural treatment and pharmacological treatment. Cognitive-behavioural treatment has generally focused on the following:

• techniques to reduce or block inappropriate sexual arousal and/or to increase or maintain non-deviant appropriate sexual arousal (62 2 ^^i!,2 2 B^1,3 3 34, and 35>

• improving pro-social behaviour, including assertiveness training, anger-management training, social skills training, intimacy skills training, etc. (3,3Z,38, and 39>

• cognitive therapy to address distorted thinking patterns that the paraphiliac has used to justify his inappropriate sexual behaviour, as well as the establishment of empathy for the individuals he has victimized(3,4°,41,4 and 43)

• relapse prevention, a long-term maintenance therapy which helps offenders to identify and manage more effectively situations that place them at risk of reoffending, to establish or improve social support systems, to develop a methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of their treatment, and to maintain a balanced lifestyle. and 5.3)

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