Cognitivebehaviour therapy for schizophrenia

Max Birchwood and Elizabeth Spencer Introduction

Background:, assumptions^andcommon, components


Managing, treatment

CBT, io„£nhanc.e„,co£i„n.g, „s.raí,eflj,e.s„„an.d„, reduce, „stress Coping., strategyenhancement PersonanUheraBy

Coflnitivetherapyto, challenge „d.e!u.sj0.ns.,an.d., dysfunctiona!, assumptions Viewing,,delusions. as beliefs,,, notfcts De,vs!oEin,fl, ,.a„, ratMionale,, ,fo.r,„qu.e.stjonin.fl„ thedelusion ysingappropria.tep.roc.eduresfor, weakening ,,de!u,siop,s ysingappropria.tep.roc.eduresfor, workingwith , auditory, hallucinations


In.djcations.,„contradiictions,, andselection, procedures


Chapter, References

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