Cognitivebehaviour therapy for depressive disorders

Melanie J.V. Fennell Introduction

Central. .characterisiics. . of. . cognitive. thera,p.y

Background Technique

Thecognitive ..model. oLdepression ..and.c.ase,.. conceptualization

The.nobjecti,ves.Mof congniti,ve..theraip,y..lfo,rl .depression

An..ove, .of. .. cogni,t.i,ve. . therapy, ..for. . depression

Indications and..contraindicĀ§tions Selection .MQcedure

Diagnosis:..reco0nizin0.l and. |abe!ijng .depression Severity

Clinical ..interview

Managing. treatment


Then.mid,die.l phase,:,. .working. . .with. .negatiye.. . aM,tomatjc. . thoughts

Ending.. treatment

Training Reading

Training. .and.Msnuperv,is,ion Self-supervision Self-care FMu^rther . ,read,i,ng Chapter References

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