Cognitivebehaviour therapy for anxiety disorders

David M. Clark

Introduction Background

HistoricaldeveloRment.. ofcognitive-behaviour ..therapy

Cognitivecontentof. .anxiety,.. disorders



Generalized..anxiety...d1is,ordsr Obse,ssjye,-som£u,!s,ive„ disorder Post-traumatic. . .stress. .disorder Why .negative. thoughts. . and ..belie.fs.fiersist? Avoidance,, escape! Attentional. deployment SRlo,ntaneou,s,!y.l occurring.. .images Emotional .reasoning Memory.. processes Rumination Treatment

Assessment. .interview

Developing. .an. .j,d.i,os.yncrat,ic...mpd.ei, ..of.. the..patient,,,b,lem

Treatment .procedures

Identifying. . .patients.,, . .eyidence. . .for. .negative. . .beliefs Education identifying.observations .that. .contradict. . .patients.,. .negative. .beliefs Imagery.. modification

Cog,nitiye,,,res,t,ru,c,t.M,rin,g invivo. .exposure feared. . sitM,a,t,i,o,n.s.,.. acti,vltj,es!. . and. . sensations Imaginal . exposure.^„disprd,er .Be.h.a.vio.u,ra,!.l experiments The,ra,p,,tes

Anger management

Cognitive..content...and.. otherassessment issues Intervention

Anger. in ,,pos,t-tra.u,m,atic,,s,t,ress,l .disorder

Indications .aind..c,ontrai.n.dications Efficacy

Training ..andsupervision Additional reading Chapter. References

Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

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