Clinical features of mood disorders and mania


Introduction Acute., depression Milddepression

Maiordepression with., orwi!h,o.u.t.„meLa„„lia Maiordepression with., psychotic, .features

Recurrent depression Recurrent . major depression

Recurrent, brief. depression

Seasonal, depression

Chronic depression Chrpnicmaipr, depression


Acute. mania Hypomania

M,an,ia,,With,,psych,otic, features

Recurrent, bipplarepiso.des Bipolar, .type, I, „disprder Bipolar, .type, ILdisp.rd.eT Rapiid,,cyicl1ing,disorde,r

Chronic, bipolardisorder Chronicbipplar,fflaipr,depressipn


Acute, mixed.epispde Conclusion

Chapter, References

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