H. Dilling

General issues, and definitions Aims of diagnosis and.classification

National classifications The, development of modern, .classifications Operationalized diagnosis The development of ICD-10 Aims. of!CD.-.10., .Chapter. V. (F)

Theinstructure .anduseof JCD-IO, .C.h.aptei.V.lF)

TheMfamilyi of.d1OC.UmentSnCO,n,n,eCte,dlO.l Chapt,eLV...(F)

Further .texísin ,th.e„,fa,m¿.!,y„OfL documents

Operationalized psychodynamic diagnosis

Structure .of. Chapter .V ..(Fl.a.nd... subchapters

Characteristics .ofthe ..subchaptersl ..of.Chapter .V. .(F)

F0 nOrflanic,ninc!Md.i„n.,gl

F1 ..MentaLandm behaviourai .disorders. ..duelo.. .p.syc,h.o.actiyenlSMb.sía.n,ce.MUSe

F2ímscMhMizo.tyRaLanMd.l d,e!!. . . disorders

F3 .nM.oodn.(.affe.ctive).l disorders

F4 .Neurotic, stress:relaed,and,

F5 nBe.h.ayio.u,ra! . . s.yndromss...ass.o.ciate.d..l w.ilh.nEhysio!ogi.c.a!ndis.t.UIban£es.l .3.n.dnP,h.ys.ic.a!. ..factors F6 .Disordersof nad„u!tnlP.ersona!ity.nandnlb.eñayi.our

Remaining subchapters

Empirica! with.. I.CD.-1.0


ICD-10. . .and. . lDSM-IV The.. structure of. DSM-IV Diagnostic.instru.ments

Schedule,.l N,europsychiatry.l (SCAN)!nteffiatioña! .Interview . . (CIDI) International.Personalityl. .Disorder. . Examination,. . (IP.D.E) The.. ICD-10.. !nternationa!. Symptom. Checklists. (ISCL) Additiona! instruments

Advantages of international classification

Risks and dangers of the international classification

Future development i.nni.nt.ernationainC|assi.Li.cation

Chapter. References

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