Chronic fatigue syndrome

Michael Sharpe and Simon Wessely

Introduction Fatigue .as, .a., symptom


Ciassificatj.on.and diagnosis Chro.n.ic.fatig.ue .syndrome . for. . .a. . .defi.n.'ti.on. . of. . chronic .fatigue...syndrom,e

Thecurrent ..status, .of.chrpnic.,fatigMe, .syndrome

|schrpnic..Migue siyndrome..a..useful„ .diagnosis?

Epidemiology Aetiology objective ,,eYid,ence,,,o,Limp,airm,ent pathophysiology


Concl,us.ipns..a,bout..the..nature ..a.nd...caMss„ ,of.chronic,,,fat,ig,ue, .syndrome Course ..andprognosis Treatment Evidence


Conclusionsand. future..directions Possibilities ..for.prevention Chapter, References

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