Child abuse and neglect

David P. H. Jones introduction Child sexual.abuse Definitionand clinicalfeatures



Aetiological.. and. .background..fac.t.o.r.s Course, and ..prognosis

Definition. . .and . clinicalfeatures

Diagnosis. and, .recognition


Ae1ti.o,|.ogy..and.. background, .factors Course. .a,n,d, ..prognosis


Definition.. .and.. . cli„nical.„featHres Diagnosis. and. presentation Epidemiology

Aetiolonglcal.. and. . .background. . .factors

Course. and ..prognosis

Psychological maltreatment Definition.. and. . . clinicaLfeatures

Diagnosis... and. .recognition


Aetio|ogical.and., .b,a,ckgro,und...fa,ctors Course, and ..prognosis

Factitious illness by proxy (Munchausen ..syndrome. by. proxy) Definitionand.. key. elements

Diagnosis Epidemiology

Aetio|ogical.and., .b,a,ckgro,und...fa,ctors

Course. and ..prognosis

Prevention of child abuse and neglect intervention and psychological. treatment Chapter. References

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