Cannabis psychosis

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High doses of THC have been reported to produce visual and auditory hallucinations, delusional ideas, and thought disorder in normal volunteers. (2) In traditional cannabis-using cultures, such as India, a 'cannabis psychosis' has been reported in which the symptoms are preceded by heavy cannabis use and remit after abstinence.(1,12)

The existence of a 'cannabis psychosis' in Western cultures is still a matter for debate. In its favour are case series of 'cannabis psychoses', and a small number of controlled studies that compare the characteristics of 'cannabis psychoses' with those of psychoses in individuals who were not using cannabis at the time of hospital admission/13) Critics of the hypothesis emphasize the fallibility of clinical judgements about aetiology, the poorly specified criteria used in diagnosing these psychoses, the dearth of controlled studies, and the striking variations in the clinical features of 'cannabis psychoses'. (14)

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