Advantages over methadone and other full p-agonists are its safety in overdose, the attenuation of the drug 'high' during on-top use, and its low levels of psychological reinforcement and withdrawal symptomatology during detoxification.

Pharmacology: a partial p-opioid agonist, which explains the ceiling on respiratory depression. Slow onset of action. Dissociates slowly from the p-receptor. Types of compounds available: 0.2-, 0.4-, 2-, 4-, or 8-mg sublingual tablets, or 0.3-mg ampoules for injection.

Pharmacokinetics: sublingual tablets absorbed rapidly into the buccal mucosa and released slowly into the blood stream. Peak plasma concentration at 2 to 6 h. Side-effects: withdrawal symptoms if either too little or too much is given. Nausea and vomiting are rare in addicts. Toxic effects: as for methadone, but respiratory depression is much less common.

Indications: maintenance, stabilization, and detoxification, but not for use in pregnancy. May be especially suitable for opioid antagonist assisted withdrawal. No dosage adjustment needed in renal failure or elderly people.

Contraindications: not recommended in severe respiratory disease. Use with care in severe liver disease. Interactions: as for methadone.

Effects of withdrawal: mild but delayed withdrawal syndrome.

Dosage and administration: initial dose is 2 or 4 mg increasing by 50 to 100 per cent of previous dose until the required dose level is reached. Doses above 12 mg given on alternate days. Minimize withdrawal symptoms by reducing by 1 mg every 3 to 4 days. The injectable form is not recommended for use in addiction treatment. Monitor clinical state and urine samples for compliance and on-top use.

Body Detox Made Easy

Body Detox Made Easy

What exactly is a detox routine? Basically a detox routine is an all-natural method of cleansing yourbr body by giving it the time and conditions it needs to rebuild and heal from the damages of daily life and the foods you eat and other substances you intake. There are many different types of known detox routines.

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