Borderline personality disorder

Borderline PD has been investigated in nine studies. Swartz et al. (1.9 carried out a study among 1541 community subjects (between 19 and 55 years of age) at the North Carolina site of the Epidemiologic Catchment Area (ECA) Program, using a diagnostic algorithm derived from the Diagnostic Interview Schedule ( DIS). They found a rate of 1.8 per cent for borderline PD; the disorder was significantly more common among females, the widowed, and the unmarried. There was a trend towards an increase in the diagnosis in younger, non-white, urban, and poorer respondents. The highest rates were found in the 19 to 34 age range, with the rates declining with age. All borderline respondents had also a DIS DSM-III Axis I lifetime diagnosis.

Although some believe there is a preponderance of females with borderline PD, they do not always take into account a preponderance of females in the populations studied. There were two studies that did not find a higher female prevalence.

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