Body dysmorphic disorder

Katharine A. Phillips

Intrpductipn Clinical.features Dempqraphic characteristics

Bodily ..preoccupations


Associated., .behaviours complications

Comorbidity Gender-relatedaspects

Body, ,dysmorp,h!cdisorder,in childrenand adolescents Cross-cultural, .aspects Classification

Diagnosis and differential diaqnosis

Epi.demip.lpqy Aetiology

Course ..and.prpnq.npsis Treatment

Surq!cal,.dlermatp|pfl!cal┬╗,and., .pthsLnon-BsYcMaMc. medical treatment

Pha^rma£ptherapynand othersomatic.treatments Cpqnitiye-behayioural! ..therapy Other.treatment.apprpaches

Limitations of aya Ma ble treatment .data practical..maMqemeni .issues Prevention

Conclusions Chapter References

The dysmorphophobic patient is really miserable; in the middle of his daily routines, talks, while reading, during meals, everywhere and at any time, he is caught by the doubt of deformity...

Enrico Morselli,1891 (D

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Breaking Bulimia

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