Biological aspects of suicidal behaviour

Lawrence Amsel and J. John Mann

From metaphors to models: hi.stpr.ic.a.l,,, in.the of. biological .correlates. ofsuicldal,,behaviour Modelling suicidal behaviours

Requirements, for constructing ..a .bioloqical.model

Thestress .diathesis,. model

Postmortem. „brain... studies,. ofsuicide victims

Theserotonergic. system,,,!",. ,P0,St,m,0,rt.e,m,,,,b.rain

Receptor,. and. transporter,binding,. studies.,in .the,. .prefrontal ..cortex

Quantitative,. morphpmletrllc,,,síMdies,,pí,. .brainstem, , .nuclei Noradrenergic. .system

Neurobiological studies, of suicide, attempters

Levels.of, homovanillic ..acid, .and „5-hydro.xyindole.a.cetic, acid,, in cerebrospinal ..fluid Fenfluramine, .and .other ,ne.uroendoc.rine,,challenge,,studies Platelet „function in.sulcide attempters Cholesterol , , studies Genetics of suicide

Familialtransmission .of. suicidal .behaviour

Candidate. ,gene„,studie,s:i,. ,a,,.p0,lymp.r,phi.s,m,,i.n .the,,. gene ,,fo,r,,trypto,p,h,a,n .hydroxylase, ,to.„predict. .suicide., risk Chapter,. References

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