Treatment and care in forensic mental health

Pau/ E. Mu//en and Per Lindqvist


Management in forensic psychiatry

The. relationship between .offending .behaviour.. and. .mental ..disorder

Care and containment

Rehabilitation. in ..h0Spital,..priS0.n,. .and .the. .community The. cprrectipnalcpntext

Mental. .health.. services.. in ..prison

Reception screening programme Assessment. and. .acute .intervention.service Assessmentand acute.. .care.. unit Medjum-termnçare.nunit

Lon,g,-t,e,rm...c,ar,e,..u,ni! Outpatient. services

Suicide. minimization programme

Hospital. . support. . outside.. .prison

Personality,.. d,iS0rdSLand.. substance.. abusers

Managing.. suicidal. ..beha.v, prison Managing.. drug. and ..alcohol abuse Menta||y..disprdered...ypung..pffenders

Ypung. offenders. andjmprispnment

Psychiatric.„„ng. ..offenders kong-tsrm...p.lan„n.infl Flexibility



Containment Spçi,ai..netwprk

Conclusion Chapter References

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