Attention and concentration

There are various aspects of attention and concentration: the ability to focus resources, the ability to focus on the right aspect, the ability to sustain this attention, the ability to ignore extraneous information or distracting events, and the ability to divide attention between different tasks. The tests on speed listed above are of course also measures of attention, because highly focused and selective attention has to be sustained for the duration of a pressured task. Digit span on the WAIS-III UK is also a test of attention, as any lapse in attending to the incoming digits will necessarily result in a wrong answer.

However, in addition to these tests, a battery may be used, such as the Test of Everyday Attention (!!> which has eight different subtests. Test-retest reliability is quite good, being over 0.83 for Map Search and over 0.86 for Telephone Search, for example, both of which, in terms of validity, are also very sensitive to the effects of head injury and stroke.

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