Associations between psychiatric disorder and offending

Derek Chiswick

Crime, and mentaldisorder:. ,a problematic relationship Is there a biological contribution to offending?

Evidence, for,, biological,, determinantsoi offending, behaviour


Psychiatric, disorder, ,in.,,crimina.l., population?

Police, detainees

Psychiatric aspects of imprisonment

Psychiatric disorder andoffending Research findings

Specific psychiatric disorders and criminal acts

Psychiatric, aspects of, offending, in„sele.cte.d „populations

Phenomena,, and,, „topics,, of„significanse„ ,in,„fo,rensic, „psychiatry Amnesia

Automatic, behaviour Unreliable, and „MsecoMessions

Psychiatry and hostage negotiation Specific offences not included elsewhere Infanticide „and,, maternal, filicide

Chiild, , , abduction


Conclusions Chapter, References

This chapter is about the relationship between psychiatric disorder and offending, and the forensic aspects of certain psychiatric disorders, together with consideration of selected phenomena, topics, and offences of importance in forensic psychiatric practice. It does not include a detailed consideration of the law as it applies to mentally disordered offenders.

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