Assessment and management of sexual offenders

Robert Hale, Carine Minn, and Anne Zachary

Definitions.. oLoffences

Committingtheoffence, arrest,.. and. charge

Re.ferrai.from!.. .th,e...c,ri,m,i,n,aí .iu,s,t,ic,e...s,ystem. .to. ..seryices

IhenMma„ ..a,n,d...Y,o,uth...o,ffe,n,d,e,rs,!, ..court


Preparation.of .reports Pretrial

Ihepreparationof .a.. .psychiiatrlc. . re.po.rt . .on, ..the.. sexual. .offender. and. ..the.. offence

Treatment.!fenders Treatment.. within..a ..custodial. setting inpatient..tre,atment

Outpatient ..treatment

Assessment and treatment!.trea.t.ment.. o.f..s,e.xu.a!.offe,n.ders


Conclusion Chapter.. References

The purpose of this chapter is to consider the management of those sexual disorders which contravene the law. Obviously, laws and social morals vary in different countries. The reference point here will be the law as it applies in England and Wales, with occasional comparisons and contrasts.

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