Anorexia nervosa

Gerald Russell

Introduction; hiSoryof ideas Epidemiology

Screening,, instruments Populations.., surveyed ResMits.of,, .epidemiological ..surveys Ha,s,,t,he,,incid,enc,e,.o,f, .anorexia, ..nervosa,,, increased, .since the,, 1950s? Aetiology


Themuitidimensignal ..approach . .to. . anorexia,, .nervosa Socio™™™ .causes Adverse, ,life,„events Childhood .sexual ..abuse Family. ..factors Personality .disorders Biomedical, .fa^Storsand pathogenesis Ciinica.l.features

Cia.ssicai„ anorexia, ,n,,ervosa,ip,os,tp,u,be![tal) Complications, ,of„ malnutrition Anorexic, mothers,, asparents Anorexia., earlyonset


Anorexia,,, nervosain,,, males Course „and.prognosis

Outcomes,, .from, ..follow-up, .studies, ,in,,anorex,ia„,nervosa Prognostic, , predictors , , of, outcome Comparison, ofmorMitx, .rates Fl0i|.0lw-up„studiesl,,in„ early-onsetanorexia,, nervosa Conclusions

Treatment Review, ofevidence


Day, , hospital ..treatment

Comparison,, .of.outpatien.t „treatments,„and,„hos,pital „admission

Family. therapy Advice. on .management

Main, obstacle,, to treatment;, the,, patient's, ayold.a.nce.of .treatment The,, stepped-care .approach

Outpatient „ps,ych,oth,erap,ie,s

Models,, ofpsychotherapy





Compulsory, .treatment, ,ln..,a,,.,n.e.rvosa Chapter,, References

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