An introduction to and historical review of mood disorders

Frederick K. Goodwin and S. Nassir Ghaemi Background

Depressive,, .and, „manic,, states History „of,, mood. disorders„, origins.:., ih.e„,c!in.i£a.l-.efflp.iri£a!„,tradition TheMiddleAges

The nineteenth century turning point: French clinical psychiatry

TheMn of, thetwentieth „„century „and„the „.Kraepeiiniansynthesls Freudand,, ths, , psychoanalytic, ,,view„pf, mood, „disorders Karl,, Jaspers:,, Genera!. Psychopathology:,, ths.„phs„n.0ffienpl0.flic.a!,t^a.d.ltlpn Mid-twentieth „century:, „Adolf, ,Meyer„and„ ths„,svplMfi„on„,of, ,A.m.eMrica.n., „psychiatry„EMr.o.pean„ developments:, „Bleule.r's ,,in.f!Menc.s The„ bipo.!ar-M.nlP0la.r,,,d„stin.c.ti,o^

Ths.,,ps.ychopha^!!offly,,,reyo!M.tio.n,,,a.nd.Jhs,,nso:K.ra.eps!in.ia.n.,, restoration

Contemporary, ,nso-Kra,epeiin,„an„nosoiogy■, „DSM-iiI,,, a.n.d., „DSM-iV

Introduction „to,,, mood,, „disorders D„algnMostic„,sM,b,typs,s „of,, mood, „disorders, ,in„„DS,M-iV


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