Amnesic syndromes

Michael D. Kopelman

Introduction Transientamnesias

Transient global, amnesia Transient „epileptic, .amnesia Headinju^ry

Alcoholic „blackouts

After,, electroconvulsive, therapy

Post:traumatic„stress, „disorder Psychoqen|c„,fMqM,e Am,ne,s,ia,,,fo,r,, offences

Persistent, memory,, disorder

TheKorsakoff,, syndrome Herpes,, encephalitis Severehypoxia Vasculardisorders

OthsLcauses., „o,f,,a,n,,,,am,n,e,s,i,c,,,s,y,n,dro,m,e Neuropsychological,, aspects Confabulation, „disorders

Neurochemistry,, and, „„neuropharmacology,, ofmemory, „disorders


FMrther,readinq Chapter, References

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