High-dose amisulpride (400-800 mg/day) is effective for treating positive symptoms as well as negative symptoms.(6,69) Low-dose amisulpride (£ 300 mg/day) has been shown to be effective in treating negative symptoms in schizophrenics with predominantly negative symptoms.(7 71 and 72) Evaluation of the effect of amisulpride in patients with minimal extrapyramidal side-effects and positive symptoms suggests amisulpride is able to improve primary negative symptoms, even in patients with deficit syndrome schizophrenia/70,71 and72) At both dose ranges, amisulpride produces minimal extrapyramidal side-effects and does not increase serum prolactin levels. Amisulpride has not been directly compared with any of the atypical antipsychotic drugs, which is of particular interest for negative symptoms. It is unknown if it is effective in neuroleptic-resistant patients. Because its pharmacology is quite distinct from that of the 5-HT 2A-based receptor antagonists previously discussed, amisulpride may be useful in patients who fail to tolerate that class of drugs.

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