Alcohol and psychiatric and physical disorders

Karl F. Mann Intoxication

Aicohpiic;i,n,d.u,c£d., amnesias, .(¡blackouts,') Withdrawal

Withdrawal, Without., complications

Withdrawal, with,, perceptual, disturbances Withdrawal with,, grand, ma! „.seizures ..(a!cohp|icconvulsions, 'rum, fits') Alcohol-induced . psychosis. .(d.e.liriu.m.trem.ens) Hallucinosis Psychiatric, disorders

Alcohol-induced, nmood.nd1is1ord£r? Alcohol-induced, ..anxiety., disorders Effects on the brain

Cerebral rtex Wernicke's. encephalopathy

Korsakoff's .syndrome

Cerebellar, .degeneration

Hepatocerebral, .degeneration


Reversibility of brain damage Fetal.. alcohol.. syndrome

Effects., on, .the., body Malnutrition,., and, .vitamin., .deficiency Peripheral, .neuropathy Muscle Liver Pancreas Skin


Hypertension Cancer

Chapter., References

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