Adjustment to illness handicap and bereavement

Alex Mitchell and Allan House Introduction

Adjustment to illness andhandicap

I! ..a. stress Coping .with.. illness Adjustment ..disorders

Brief.. psychological .treatments ..of. use. ..medically ..ill

Adjustment to terminal illness: care of the dying

Diagnosis. of.depres.sio.n. ..MMus┬╗.'...┬╗ disorders .terminally.. ill Assessing ..s,uic,id,all..thoughts,,,e .terminally,,!!', pfpsychiatric, .disorders, .!P,..the..dying

Adjustmentto, .bereavement Clinical ..features,, and ..norma!., grief

Diagnosis., and, .different.ia!ndiagnPSiS



Course,, and ..prognosis

Treatment, and ..prevention

Chapter, References

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