Acute effects

Albert Hofmann, who drew international attention to an accidental ingestion of the drug, classically describes the effects of ingesting LSD. (17) The characteristic LSD trip comprises autonomic arousal, marked mydriasis, and progressive modulations of sensory, more often visual, imagery, which appear to be generated both from external objects and distortions of eidetic imagery. Ordinarily benign objects may take on new emotional meanings. Geometric imagery may rise and fall before one's eyes. A prevalent feeling one experiences is a sense of helplessness to control one's streaming images and emotions, hence the hippie advice of 'going with the flow'. The loss of cognitive, perceptual, and affective control for some users leads to panic, which in turn results in the so-called 'bad trip.' As these effects decline, they may be replaced with a sense of oceanic well being or residual paranoia.

Memory Techniques

Memory Techniques

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