The anatomy of a neuron

Each neuron has a cell body in which its nucleus is located, and a number of processes or dendrites (Fig. 1.1). One process, usually much longer than the rest, is the axon or nerve fibre which carries the outgoing impulses. The incoming signals from other neurons are passed on at junctional regions known as synapses scattered over the cell body and dendrites, but discussion of their structure and of the special mechanisms involved in synaptic transmission will be deferred to Chapter 7. At this stage we are concerned only with the properties of peripheral nerves, and need not concern ourselves further with the cell body, for although its intactness is essential in the long term to maintain the axon in working order, it does not actually play a direct role in the conduction of impulses. A nerve can continue to function for quite a while after being severed from its cell body, and electrophysiologists would have a hard time if this were not the case.

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