Nerve and Muscle

Nerve and Muscle is an introductory textbook for students taking university courses in physiology, cell biology or preclinical medicine. Previous editions were highly acclaimed as a readable and concise account of how nerves and muscles work. The book begins with a discussion of the nature of nerve impulses. These electrical events can be understood in terms of the flow of ions through molecular channels in the nerve cell membrane. Then the view changes to consideration of synaptic transmission: how one nerve cell can produce changes in another nerve cell or a muscle fibre with which it makes contact. Again ion channels are involved, but now they are opened by special chemicals released from the nerve cell terminals. The final chapters discuss the nature of muscular contraction, including especially the relations between cellular structure and contractile function. This new edition includes much new material, especially on the molecular nature of ion channels and the contractile mechanism of muscle, while retaining a straightforward exposition of the fundamentals of the subject.

The Studies in Biology series is published in association with the Institute of Biology (London, UK). The series provides short, affordable and very readable textbooks aimed primarily at undergraduate biology students. Each book offers either an introduction to a broad area of biology (e.g. Introductory Microbiology), or a more in-depth treatment of a particular system or specific topic (e.g. Photosynthesis). All of the subjects and systems covered are selected on the basis that all undergraduate students will study them at some point during their biology degree courses.

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Nerve and muscle

Third Edition

Emeritus Professor of Physiology in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College and

D.J. Aidley

Senior Fellow, Biological Sciences University of East Anglia, Norwich



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