Morphometric Study

Cytometric studies of the oocytes were performed on the semithin sections of the ovaries. Oocytes were evaluated using an automatic image analysis system (7). In the present paper the oocyte volume, Circular form factor (Form Circ) and Regular form factor (Form Rug) were measured. Data were calculated according to the Computer



Figure 1. Cellular volume from oocytes of middle-aged rats control and MEL-treated (150 mg/100 g BW), during two months. Values are mean ± SEM.

Assisted Microscopy Program (6,3). Spherical volume (V. Sphere) was determined from measurements of diameters. From the diameter of a measured area, the equivalent volume is obtained with the formula:

V. Sphere = 2/3 Area x Spherical Diameter

Form Circ (FC): This is a dimensionless factor which reflects the irregularity of a structure in relation to a circle. It is calculated from the area and perimeter of the structure by the formula:

Form Rug (FR): Is used to define regular or irregular structures. For a regular circle, the value is 1; for irregular structures, values are smaller than 1. This is calculated by the formula:

Form Circ

Form Rug

Figure 2. Form Circ and Form Rug from oocytes of middle-aged rats control and MEL-treated (150 mg/100 g BW), during two months. Values are mean ± SEM. * p < 0.05 vs. control.


Figure 3. Oocyte from middle-aged control rat.

Form Rug = Convex Perimeter/Perimeter

1.1.1. Influence of melatonin on oocyte. In the present paper we evaluate the cytometry of oocytes from middle-aged female rats (11 months-old), by using the above mentioned parameters, that allows us to evaluate the functional stage of the oocyte. Although oocyte volume was higher in melatonin-treated rats, not significant

Figure 4. Oocyte from middle-aged melatonin-treated (150^g/100g BW) rat.

differences were found when compared to controls, similar results were obtained for Form Rug. Form Circ values were significantly increased (p < 0.05) in oocytes from melatonin-treated rats resulting in an increased tendency to oocyte circularity, pointing out to a more regular functional stage. Supported by Spanish Ministry of Health. Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria, FIS N° 97/0988.

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