It has been suggested that considerable differences among various studies on the influence of MF on melatonin secretion may depend on different experimental paradigms, including certain characteristics of applied MF (e.g., field strength, frequency, duration, applied vector, etc.), acute or chronic exposure, differences in exposure time and duration, and factors that could interfere with the results of MF studies (e.g., vibration, noise, synchronization or desynchronization with geomagnetic field) (5,6).

The results of the present study seem to support the hypothesis that pineal response to MF may depend on field strength, frequency, impulse shape, and application system, because in the experimental conditions used in this study there were differences only in the above mentioned parameters. Remaining parameters, such as time of the year, housing, photoperiod, and duration of the exposure were the same in both groups of patients of similar age.

Figure 1. Diurnal serum melatonin concentrations in patients exposed to 2.9mT, 40Hz magnetic field (A) or 0.08mT, 200Hz magnetic field (B) before (solid line) and after (dotted line) exposure. Data are expressed as means ± SEM; * -p < 0.05.
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