In conclusion, we have shown that Mel 1a receptors selectively couple to Gi2, and Gi3 proteins which likely mediate the inhibitory effect of these receptors on cAMP accumulation. Furthermore, the association between Mel 1a receptors and Gq/11 demonstrates that these receptors are capable of coupling to both PTX-sensitive and PTX-insensitive G proteins. Signalling through Gq/11 proteins either via phospholipase C or other effector systems constitutes promising new candidates for melatonin receptor signalling. In future work, antibodies may also be used to answer questions regarding other properties of Mel 1a receptors. For example, immunoprecipitation and immuno-chemistry with anti-receptor antibodies may be used to localise Mel 1a receptors in tissues and cells from structures known to bind 125I-MLT.

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