If the clean room is situated on an outside wall and windows are provided, they should have steel frames and be flush with the walls on the inside. If this is not possible, they must have a sloping sill with a slope of at least 60 degrees finished in a suitable impervious material such as stainless steel. The windows should also take account of environmental issues such as thermal insulation, solar heat gain, noise and glare.

Internal windows, normally referred to as vision panels, should be flush detailed with the wall and, if situated between two clean rooms, the panel should be double-glazed to allow flush detailing on both sides. If double glass is used then regenerated silica gel (50 to 100 g) should be inserted in the void to avoid condensation.

Where fire resistance is required, the method of retaining the fire-rated glass with mechanical fixings requires that this glass be fixed centrally in the wall. Figure 6.5 illustrates the key aspects of a flush fire-rated vision panel.

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