Nigel Halls


1 Introduction 23

2 Environmental Monitoring: Applications and Limits 25

3 Environmental Monitoring: Methods 28

3.1 Active Air Sampling 28

3.2 Passive Air Sampling 32

3.3 Surface Sampling 34

3.4 Personnel Monitoring 35

4 Environmental Monitoring: Microbiological Considerations and Controls 36

5 Environmental Monitoring: Establishing a Program 37

6 Environmental Monitoring: What to Do with the Data 42

6.1 Responses to Infringements of Limits 42

6.2 Review of Environmental Data as Part of Batch Release 45

6.3 Overview of Trends in Environmental Data 45

7 Documenting Environmental Monitoring 47

7.1 Site Environmental Monitoring Policy Document 48

7.2 Site Environmental Monitoring Program Document 49

References 50

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