Layout Issues

The clean-room layout must accommodate the process requirements and equipment layout while maintaining good levels of access for operability, maintenance and personnel, material and component movements. It must also address suitable access for cleanability and disinfection.

The layout should prevent product cross-contamination, environmental microbiological contamination, and address the issue of contamination at any product or operator interface. In addition, it should be possible to easily remove

Figure 6.1. Typical clean-room layout personnel flows.

waste from the process or operation, without it again passing areas where the product is exposed.

Personnel flow through the facility is a key issue contributing to successful operation of the clean room. Personnel flow routes should be clearly defined, with smooth transitions between garmenting zones from facility entrance, offices and general plant through to operational areas. Product, material, equipment and personnel flows can usefully be illustrated on equipment layout drawings (Figure 6.1).

The architectural design detailing and finishes should provide a contained environment with the selected room finishes, which enhance hygiene, microbiological environmental control and safety levels. In addition, the design detail and finishes specifications must comply with the relevant fire codes and building regulations.

The increased demands for visual communication between clean-room areas must also be addressed, and the construction of the clean-room fabric should be able to accommodate flush glazed viewing panels.

Area clean-room classification, and the identification of other hazards should also be reviewed for their impact on the clean-room design. Chemically resistant or antistatic finishes may be required and, in particular instances, explosion relief panels may have to be utilized.

The provision of services into the clean room and the integration of floor and wall-mounted equipment should also be carefully considered and be able to provide neat, cleanable, sealed, interfaces with the room fabric and finishes.

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