Detailed Integration

The main challenge in keeping air distribution ductwork out of the clean room is to pick up the low-level extract points. For single-room applications with available adjacent space, there is obviously no problem, but for adjacent multiroom applications, several vertical drop ducts need to be incorporated in the walls or corners for low-grade rooms, and proprietary "air walls" provided for rooms requiring unidirectional air flow.

For unidirectional air-flow clean rooms, the air-flow patterns must be reviewed against the equipment layout and operator positions, particularly in sterile operations, to ensure that the specified patterns are achieved with no "dead spots"; and that the product and operators are protected from contamination.

The final integration of HVAC with the clean-room fabric occurs with the flanges of the HVAC grilles or terminal HEPA filters and the room surfaces. Generally, it is accepted that grille flanges will overlap onto the wall surface with a maximum 5 to 10-mm projection sealed against the surface with concave silicone sealant mastic. In proprietary wall and ceiling systems, all such fittings should be designed to be completely flush wherever possible.

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