Cleaning And Cleaning Materials 71 Cleaning Methods

Methods of cleaning and disinfection must be recognized as key aspects in the selection of the finishes materials. The following should be carefully reviewed, and any decisions taken clearly recorded, in conjunction with the client and the end user:

• Cleaning by simply wipe-down and swabbing, but noting what particular cleaning agents are used

• Sanitizing the services and the use of a disinfectant agent for the wipe-down process

• Sterilization by the use of gassing or fogging, affecting the entire clean room. This sterilization will use agents such as hydrogen peroxide or formaldehyde (although the latter is less common now)

The specifier must be fully aware of the above and make careful reference to the reagents and methods used, while choosing the finishes. Some materials used in the cleaning process are highly toxic or corrosive, and can have a significant chemical reaction with some finishes materials.

The client or end user of the various cleaning agents may well have previous experience of the use of these materials, and be able to advise on their chemical properties.

If available, this information should be referred to when making the final selections for the finishes materials. If unavailable, then manufacturers should be able to provide details of the performance of their materials with various chemicals.

If the specific chemicals used in the cleaning process are not known, then the manufacturer should be able to carry out tests on possible reactions, and identify the suitability of the materials under consideration.

In summary, the specifier must follow clear steps to ensure compatibility of cleaning materials and room finishes.

• Know the methods of cleaning and any chemicals that will be used

• Make preliminary selection of finishes materials, based on the above information and with reference to manufacturers' published chemical properties and resistance of the selected materials

• Complete testing of any unknown chemical reactions in conjunction with the manufacturer, client or end user

• Make final selection based on the above with documented back-up performance data

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